Maestro – Darragh O’Neill

Darragh-O'Neill guitarist



Irish classical guitarist Darragh O’Neill looking pensive. This is the first painting since my trip to Holland to study Eloy Morales’ technique. A lot learned from this painting and a lot more to learn. The grid lines are still visible even after many layers of paint.

And below, a  video I made for Darragh a couple years ago, set in the Harbour Bar, Bray.

After Battle – Kurt Osiander

Jiu Jitsu Fighter

The BJJ black belt Kurt Osiander. I like his ‘move of the week’ video tutorials.

Edit: Haha, unbelievable-while looking for a move of the week video to embed in this post, the first video I select is the vid below. Kurt starts by saying this video is in response to a request by Jimbo in Ireland who wants see a Darce choke… thats why Jimbo is a Darce ninja.