Sandymount Strand and the Dublin Mountains

Sandymount Strand and the Dublin Mountains

80cm x 80cm. Oil on canvas.Have you ever walked out deep into Sandymount Strand at night? It’s quite nice. Dark and empty and wide and atmospheric and right beside a major city.

I used as my source material an image kindly supplied by the most excellent photographer David Costello-check out his awesome work in the links below.

Anatta; No Self


About 40 hrs in and Im struggling. Got the face and background reasonably well but that body was punishing trying to get right. A little ambitious I think. Gonna park this painting.

I started off wanting to try a nude portrait so I chose myself as subject as I didnt think anyone else would pose for me. I took a photo whilst doing a yoga headstand and flipped it upside down(or right side up). Then I had notions of painting Christ with me as the model but it ended up as me flying through space being created by the universe.

The end product is Inspired by meditation, Anatta is the realisation of no self.