Red Sparrow Down the Docks

Red-Sparrow-Down-the-Docks_smallUnauthorised portrait of Dave. I’ve known Dave since I was 8. My mate at the time sent me to beat him up so I obliged. A high speed bmx chase ensued. Dave crashed into a wall, I crashed into him to stop him getting away. He turned around and I said, “Hey, youre that guy from the small yard in school”. He said, “yeah”. We just cycled away together. Friends. My other mate wasn’t impressed. Despite my fickle loyalty to friends at that time, Dave and I have remained friends since.

Im happy with the picture in some respects but I need to work on edges and also it was hard getting the brights in the face right. Dave was in full sunlight here which is not represented very well in my painting. Also, the doublechin is not that big in real life either. Sorry Dave!

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